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Coke oven

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Coke oven

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The application of coal coking technology has a history of more than 200 years, and its furnace structure has undergone many changes. In the initial stage of coking, the process of imitating charcoal burning was batch distillation. In the mid-18th century, it began to evolve into a semi-closed brick kiln. In 1763, a fully closed circular kiln, i.e. honeycomb kiln, was adopted. In the mid-19th century, the technology of coke oven changed dramatically, from kiln to externally heated carbonization chamber coking stage, with the appearance of flameout furnace. The coke oven for recovering chemical products was built in the 1970s, which made coking move towards an important stage of producing various products. Shortly thereafter, a regenerative coke oven utilizing waste heat of flue gas was built in 1883, and the coke oven was basically finalized.

Modern coke oven body consists of three main parts: carbonization chamber, combustion chamber and regenerator. Generally, the carbonization chamber is 0.4-0.5m in width, 10-17m in length and 4-7.5m in height. The top of the chamber is equipped with a coal feeding hole and a gas riser (on the machine side or coke side). The two ends are closed by a furnace door. The combustion chamber is on both sides of the carbonization chamber and consists of many vertical flues. The regenerator is located at the lower part of the furnace body, which is divided into air regenerator and lean gas regenerator.

The main part of modern coke oven is built with silicon brick, and the flue temperature can reach 1400. In order to improve the coking production conditions, the furnace is developing towards large scale, and the effective volume of the carbonization chamber is increased to 50m. In order to improve the production capacity of coke oven, measures such as reducing the wall thickness and choosing wall bricks with good thermal conductivity will be the trend of development.



The coking project of Jingtang Iron and Steel Works of Shougang is located in Caofeidian Industrial Park in Bohai Bay. The design of coke oven adopts international advanced technology. Compared with other similar coke ovens, the coke oven has the characteristics of advanced structure, strict function, high output and excellent environmental protection. The first phase of the project includes two large coke ovens, A coke oven, which started construction on June 1, 2007. The coke oven body is 122.79 meters long, 18.8 meters wide, 14.89 meters high, and the carbonization chamber is 7.63 meters high. There are 70 holes in it. The annual output design capacity is 105,000 tons, which is equivalent to the sum of two 6-meter coke ovens. It is the largest coke oven with the most advanced technology and complete functions in the world. It is also the largest coke oven with the highest technical content, the most complex technology and the largest engineering quantity. Coke oven.

Tangbao Refractories Co., Ltd. succeeded in signing a supply contract of nearly 10 million tons of refractories for coking project with Shougang Jingtang Co., Ltd. by means of advanced technical strength and superior geographical conditions in 2007 through bidding. The refractory products of the company have been praised by the coking department, construction units and supervisors of Jingtang Company in the process of construction and use.


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