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Shuttle kiln

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Shuttle kiln

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Shuttle kiln is a kind of intermittent production thermal equipment with kiln truck as bottom inverted flame (or half inverted flame). It is also called bottom inverted flame kiln. Because kiln truck enters and exits from one end of kiln, it is also called drawer kiln. It is one of the most rapidly developed kiln types in recent ten years in China.

The kiln body of shuttle kiln is a rectangular kiln wall, which is divided into three layers along the thickness direction. The working lining is made of high-strength and high-grade refractory and heat-insulating bricks. The sandwich is heat-insulating and refractory material, and the outer layer is made of refractory fiber felt attached to the kiln wall.

Tangbao Refractories Co., Ltd. began to produce thermal insulation materials for ceramic kilns in the mid-1990s. After years of technical development and market practice, Tangbao's TM series of lightweight thermal insulation bricks, high temperature mortar and refractory fibre products have been established in Foshan, Shandong Zibo, Wuhan, Hubei and Shenyang, Liaoning provinces, and other domestic ceramic bases. Stable customer base. Tangbao brand has a high reputation in the ceramic industry. Dry material


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