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Blast furnace

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Blast furnace

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Over the past 20 years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the technological progress of blast furnace ironmaking has been very fast. The large-scale, diversified and efficient blast furnace has greatly narrowed the gap between China and the world's advanced level. A large number of ironmaking and related scientific and technological workers have developed a series of world-level leading technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Technology, filling the gap of hot stove technology at home and abroad, has attracted worldwide attention.

Hot blast stove is an indispensable part of modern blast furnace. Theoretical research and production practice show that optimizing the structure of hot blast stove, improving the thermal efficiency of hot blast stove and prolonging the service life of hot blast stove are effective ways to improve the blast temperature. In the 1970s, Holland Hodgoven Company (now Danieli Company) optimized and improved the traditional internal combustion hot stove, developed a modified internal combustion hot stove, which was successfully applied in Europe, America and other regions.


The system optimization of hot blast stove design, independent design and manufacture of different types of hot blast stoves, the composite bricks used at each intersection can independently design, manufacture and build. The research and development of hot blast stove drying technology, cooling furnace and heat preservation technology, refractory materials and refractory coatings have greatly promoted the maturity and development of hot blast stove technology. All kinds of refractories of different types and materials provide a wide selection space and reliable guarantee for selecting refractories of different materials according to different temperature ranges in hot blast stoves.

The working conditions of refractory lining of hot blast stove under high temperature and high pressure are very bad. In order to meet the requirement of high blast temperature, the quality of refractories and the design of masonry are strictly required to prolong the service life of hot blast stove. How to select refractories with different properties according to the working temperature, structural characteristics, stress and chemical erosion characteristics of each part of hot blast stove is the focus of attention of iron and steel enterprises. Tangbao Refractories Co., Ltd. produces low creep high alumina bricks and clay bricks for high temperature zone of hot blast stove, Dong Qingshi and mullite bricks for important parts, especially thermal insulation bricks manufactured according to Holcoven technology in the Netherlands, which have been tested by major iron and steel enterprises throughout the country, and are improving the thermal level of furnace body and reducing energy consumption, etc. All aspects have reached and surpassed the international level.

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