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Manufacturer of Insulation Brick Made from Solid Waste Desulfurization Gypsum

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Manufacturer of Insulation Brick Made from Solid Waste Desulfurization Gypsum

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A large number of solid waste desulphurization gypsum are produced by flue gas desulphurization in power plants every year. These gypsum can not be fully and effectively used. Most of them are filled in ditches, occupying land resources, and become a major problem plaguing enterprises.

In housing construction, the state requires building materials to save energy and heat preservation, energy-saving efficiency to reach more than 60%. At present, foam plastic board is mostly used for wall insulation, and its fire protection performance is poor. If the fireproof performance of desulphurization gypsum and the thermal insulation performance of foam plastic sheet can be utilized, the composite wall material will be a new type of wall material, that is, the comprehensive utilization of waste resources and the realization of environmental protection and low carbon. Insulation Brick Manufacturer

Recently, Shanxi Ruister Gypsum Co., Ltd. has boldly improved its technological process through scientific demonstration and technological innovation in the construction of gypsum powder production line, and implemented the technological transformation of waste heat recycling before flue gas discharge. It not only reduces dust and heat energy discharge, but also greatly improves the utilization rate of heat energy, which saves 20% of energy consumption. The construction of gypsum powder production line ensures the raw material supply of gypsum composite insulation brick, the company's terminal product.


Gypsum composite thermal insulation brick is a new type of wall material, which has the advantages of good thermal insulation, safety and fire protection, low cost, etc. Once the product comes out, it is favored by the market. The product has been inspected by the National Building Materials Industry Wall Material Testing Center and meets the national standard. It can be used in civil buildings in the whole province.

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