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Preparation Requirements of Mullite Thermal Insulation Bricks

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Preparation Requirements of Mullite Thermal Insulation Bricks

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Light mullite thermal insulation brick is crushed by high-fineness grinding equipment. The particles are between 15 mm and 0 mm. According to the different grades of mullite brick, high-quality natural raw materials are selected to complete conversion reaction sintering synthesis at 1500 C. Therefore, the shortage of sintering caused by the low synthesis temperature and the severe shrinkage of the light refractories in use are eliminated. The mullite material prepared at high temperature can directly contact the flame at 1400 degrees and be used as a long-term working lining. The volume weight of the material is relatively light. It can not only reduce the weight of the furnace itself, but also reduce the overall structure of the furnace by 40-60%. The potential fracture of the furnace roof can be completely eliminated by hanging the furnace roof.


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