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Influencing factors on properties of mullite thermal insulation brick

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Influencing factors on properties of mullite thermal insulation brick

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xThere are many factors affecting the performance of thermal insulation brick. Here, thermal insulation brick manufacturers explain to you that the size of material particles, the combination and composition of other mineral aggregates, and the sintering temperature in the production process have certain effects. Thermal insulation brick products can improve thermal insulation performance, save resources and reduce waste of resources. Good use effect, and the use of refractory aggregate and the uniformity and size of particles are the main reasons that directly affect the effect of thermal insulation bricks when making fireproof thermal insulation bricks. In the process of mixing and stirring, the bulk density and the forming effect will be affected by the main factors. In the sintering process, the temperature control, drop and firing time must be in accordance with the provisions of production. Insulation Brick Manufacturer

Of course, in addition to the existing external factors, there are also the most important structural and component effects. Because the mineral content of each refractory raw material origin is different, the number and synthesis of components in the production process is particularly critical. In order to produce high-quality and high-performance insulating refractory bricks, it is necessary to strictly sample and test according to the position and characteristics of use.


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