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xApplication of a Dry Material for Continuous Casting Tundish

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xApplication of a Dry Material for Continuous Casting Tundish

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Beginning in 2008, the converter workshop of Yazov Steel Works in Russia used dry material to construct working lining in continuous casting tundish. Unlike semi-dry spraying coatings, this dry material does not contain water. Using dry material instead of traditional semi-dry spraying material to construct tundish lining can significantly reduce energy consumption when ladle is ready to pour, and no spraying machine is used to construct the tundish lining; there is no spalling and cracking when the lining is dry. The introduction of hydrogen into molten steel can be avoided if water is not used in dry mixing. The dry material developed by German company Dalmon Feuerfest Siegburg has been widely used in many steel mills in Europe before it was tried out in Yazov Steel Works.

The dry material is made of sintered magnesia. The size composition of magnesia is reasonable. The quality of the material can be ensured by using the binder produced in Germany. The physical and chemical indexes of Brolitex M-O-85 dry-type materials are as follows: w(MgO)>85%, w(SiO 2)<3.5%, w(Fe2O3)<2%, 20 MPa after drying at 110 C for 24 h, 50 MPa after heat treatment at 1 400 C for 2 h. The formwork and drying equipment for dry material construction are provided by magnesia brick company. The hardening of binder is accomplished by heating the template shell. The heating of the template shell adopts the automatic system controlled by computer and does not require manual participation.

The lining of tundish has been constructed with dry material since 2010. The service life of dry material lining has reached 14 times, which meets the requirement of batch casting of tundish in converter workshop.


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