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The export trade situation of refractory raw materials in China is good

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The export trade situation of refractory raw materials in China is good

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"In 2018, China's refractory industry will strive to adapt to the new concepts, new environment and new requirements of the transition period from high-speed economic growth to high-quality development, actively respond to the new situation faced by the refractory industry in the new era, overcome various difficulties and adverse factors, and seize the main factors of iron and steel, building materials and non-ferrous materials. The favorable opportunity for the improvement of tourism industry's operating situation and profitability not only guarantees the healthy and stable operation of the whole industry, but also achieves the overall growth of output, sales volume and profit. Sales income and profit increase rate are higher than that of output increase rate, and the overall operation quality and benefit are obviously improved.

Liu Wei, president of China Refractories Industry Association, made a report entitled "Improving quality, increasing efficiency, stable operation, pioneering and enterprising development" at the meeting. The report focuses on a brilliant set of data:

Production has stopped "four consecutive declines". With the steady and better operation of the main downstream industries, the demand of refractory market has increased, and the national refractory output has stopped "four consecutive declines" to achieve a small growth. According to the data provided by the statistical system of China Refractories Association, in 2018, the national output of refractories was 23.4522 million tons, an increase of 2.30% over the same period last year. Among them, 13.2738 million tons of dense shaped refractory products, an increase of 2.33%, 541 million tons of thermal insulation refractory products, an increase of 5.14%, and 963.74 million tons of amorphous refractory products, an increase of 2.10%. Liu Wei believes that amorphous refractories account for more than 40%, which is in a reasonable range.

Exports exceeded $4 billion. The fluctuation of the international refractory market is slowing down, and the export trade of refractory raw materials in China is in a good state. In 2018, China's export trade in refractory raw materials and products exceeded 4 billion US dollars, reaching 4.169 billion US dollars, a record high. For the first time, the export trade volume of refractory raw materials has also exceeded US$2 billion, and shows a good momentum that the increase of export trade volume is higher than that of export volume, indicating that the quality of the export trade of refractory raw materials in the whole industry has been significantly improved.

Looking Back to Harvest: Seeking New and Change

"2018 is a year in which the management of refractory enterprises has been improved and the quality and efficiency of operation have been significantly improved."

"2018 is a year of transformation and upgrading of refractory industry and continuous optimization of industrial structure."

"2018 is a year of innovation-driven development in refractory industry."

"2018 is a year for further deepening the green development of refractory industry." Insulation Brick Manufacturer

2019: Efforts are still needed

"2018 is the best year for the refractory industry. Consolidating and expanding the operation effect in 2019 is the focus of all the work. It is hoped that refractory enterprises will further consolidate their operation foundation, strengthen their internal management, and contribute to the improvement of the industrial concentration of refractory industry and the realization of high-quality development. ” This is what Xu Dianli, Secretary-General of China Refractories Industry Association, emphasized in his report to the General Assembly. When he talked about the problems that should be paid attention to in the economic operation of refractory industry by 2019, he stressed that:

Improving industrial concentration is an important factor in achieving high-quality development of the industry. He believes that the present is a better opportunity to regulate market order and improve industrial concentration. The formation of large-scale key advantage enterprises has laid a good foundation for the improvement of industrial production concentration. Environmental protection governance will strongly promote the improvement of industrial concentration.

The situation of environmental governance is still grim. He stressed that environmental governance is by no means a short-term behavior, and has become the bottom line of business life. Enterprises are the main body of environmental responsibility. The environmental supervision system of enterprises is becoming more and more perfect. Environmental governance is no longer a gust of wind. Environmental protection policies are no longer "one size fits all". Differential environmental protection policies force backward production capacity and substandard enterprises out of the market.

We will stabilize the market prices of refractory raw materials and products and consolidate and develop the current good business situation. Capital problem is still an important factor affecting the safety of enterprise operation. While the enterprise is bigger, it should pay attention to the improvement of management quality.

Clear thinking: go further


First, the production and operation of the whole industry in 2019 should be based on the objective fact that China's economy is generally stable, stable and progressive, but the uncertain and unstable factors are rising. We should pay attention to the movement of major downstream industries such as iron and steel, building materials and non-ferrous metals, and adhere to market demand-oriented in order to ensure that the market demand is met. On the premise of safety and benefit of enterprise production and operation, while guaranteeing the supply of refractories needed for the development of high temperature industrial production and contributing to the economy and society, efforts should be made to safeguard the interests of individual enterprises and the healthy development of the industry as a whole.

Second, we should strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the production and operation of the industry, collect data and information on import and export trade of refractories, regularly inform the operation, and issue real-time warnings on foreign trade situation and export trade security.

Thirdly, we should intensify our efforts to implement the spirit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on promoting the healthy and sustainable development of refractory industry, firmly seize the favorable opportunity for refractory industry to enter a period of deep adjustment in the new era, concentrate all kinds of resources on advantageous enterprises, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and focus on the transformation of industrial development mode. Promote the reorganization and integration of enterprises.

Fourthly, we should adhere to the drive of innovation and the leading role of science and technology so as to effectively improve the technological innovation level of refractory industry in China.

Fifth, we should strengthen crisis awareness and strengthen energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection in the whole industry.

Sixth, strengthen international exchanges, practice the concept of open development, and enhance the influence of China's refractory industry.

Seventh, improve the self-construction of the association, constantly improve the efficiency of management, and fulfill its service functions.

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