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Operation Rules and Structure Composition of Annealing Furnace

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Operation Rules and Structure Composition of Annealing Furnace

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The annealing furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic working furnace with super energy-saving structure, which uses fiber structure and saves 30% electricity. The exclusive production uses composite high alumina ceramic nail group, anti-collision sealing bricks for trolley, automatic sealing trolley and furnace door, integrated rail, without basic installation, can be used on the horizontal ground. It is mainly used for quenching, annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts, such as high chromium, high manganese steel castings, nodular cast iron, rolls, steel balls, 45 steel, stainless steel, etc. Trench material

Operation rules of annealing furnace:

I. Inspection and preparation of annealing furnace before charging

1. Check whether the cooling circulating water system is normal and whether the inlet and return gates are open. Whether the cooling water flowing through the circulating fan and furnace door is unimpeded, whether there is water leakage, whether the pressure of cooling water reaches 0.1-0.3Mp, the water temperature is lower than 25 C, and whether the water quantity is appropriate.

2. Check whether the air pressure system is normal, whether there is air leakage in the pipeline, whether the air pressure reaches 0.4-0.6Mp, and whether the furnace door cylinder works normally.

3. Check whether the electrical equipment and instruments are working properly, whether the thermocouple is in good condition, whether there is short circuit phenomenon, and whether the temperature measurement is accurate.

4. Check whether the lifting mechanism of the furnace door works properly, whether the chain and wire rope are damaged or broken. There should be no jamming and collision in the lifting of the furnace door. The mechanism must be flexible, the safety pin of the furnace door should be flexible, and the upper and lower travel switches should work sensitively and reliably.

5. Check whether the bearing lubrication of circulating fan and blower washer is good, whether the rotation is normal and whether there is noise.

6. Remove obstacles and flammables around the furnace. Clean up aluminium scraps and dirt in furnace, aluminium coil, car and car track.


II. Operation Rules for Inlet and Outlet of Annealing Furnace

1. Before charging, the number, batch number, specifications, status and weight of the alloy with rolls or stacks should be carefully checked according to the requirements of the production process card, and the records should be filled in as required.

2. When loading, it must be corrected. The top and bottom of the coil are basically symmetrical, and the clearance between the coil and the coil is basically the same. It is not allowed to be overweight, super-long, super-wide and super-high. When annealing, the weight difference between roll and roll, stack and stack should be as small as possible (the weight difference between roll and roll is less than 1 T, and the weight difference between stack and stack is less than 0.5 T). In special cases, considering the economy of charging, the finished products with different thickness and weight can be annealed in one furnace, but the temperature must be controlled in different zones. Thermocouples should be inserted into coils or pallets when there is a difference in weight.

3. Install the thermocouple correctly. The insertion depth of thermocouple is 25-30 mm for coil and 50 mm for plate. The insertion position must be in the center of the roll or stack, and the insertion must be reliable, no leakage, no short circuit phenomenon.

4. Open the furnace door. First, loosen the pressure device of the furnace door, raise the door to the upper limit position, and insert the safety pin.

5. Feeding process.

(1) The pins of the trolley and the material workshop should be inserted in the 10T furnace first, then the trolley shall be started, the material trolley shall be pushed into the furnace, and the pins shall be pulled out when the material trolley is in place, and finally the trolley shall be pulled out of the furnace and parked in its original position.

(2) The 20T furnace should first connect the power supply of the unloading truck, start the oil pump motor, lift the disc with the lifting mechanism to the upper limit, then drive the discharging truck into the furnace to the correct position, and put the disc on the pillar in the furnace. After the disc is stabilized, the discharging truck is opened out of the furnace and parked at the original position, and closed. Power supply for oil shutdown pump and unloading truck.

6. Close the furnace door. After the car stops, pull out the door safety pin, lower the door to the lower limit position, and press the door with the cylinder. Furnace door pressure should be uniform and sealed, without obvious leakage.

7. The process of discharging is contrary to that of feeding.

3. Operation Rules of Annealing Furnace Temperature Control System

1. Furnace doors should be closed and sealed properly, and the electrical system should be checked before they can be operated.

2. Start the axial-flow fans in each area one by one.

3. Start the circulating fan in each area, wait until the motor current is stable, then start another fan to ensure the stable operation of the fan in each area.

4. According to the process requirement of the production process card, input the process control parameters on the temperature control intelligence table.

5. Open the smoke exhaust valve and start the blower and washer. (10T grate flue without valve)

6. Connect the power switch of the heater and control annealing according to the prescribed temperature curve.

7. In the annealing process, it is necessary to check the operation of electrical appliances and machinery, such as heaters, circulating fans, bearings, etc.

8. Attention should be paid to the metal temperature rise in each area during annealing. The temperature of the furnace can be adjusted in a small range by the operator according to the specific conditions (generally around (+10 C), so as to ensure that the temperature of each area is uniform.

9. If the metal temperature exceeds the upper limit of the metal temperature limit within the specified time, it can be cooled properly. If the lower limit of the metal temperature is not reached, the holding time can be prolonged until the metal temperature limit is reached.

10. After annealing, stop the heater, the axial flow fan, the blowing and washing fan and the circulating fan in turn. Open the furnace door and discharge.

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